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Trevor Lawrence House – Step Into Luxury!

Trevor Lawrence plays football for the Jacksonville Jaguars. He was picked first in the NFL Draft. Trevor was born on October 6, 1999. He married his high school girlfriend Marissa Mowry on April 10, 2001. After getting married, they bought a beautiful house in Jacksonville.

Let’s get into the finer details of Trevor Lawrence’s esteemed residence and uncover the essence of luxury intertwined with the simplicity of a football star’s favourite spot.

Trevor Lawrence’s New Jacksonville Mansion – A Closer Look!

Trevor Lawrence bought a big house in Jacksonville, Florida, on July 29, 2021, for $3.4 million. It was made in 2019 and has five bedrooms, six bathrooms, and a total of 6,907 square feet. 

The outside has a rooftop area for parties, a balcony that looks like it’s from a storybook, and two big bay windows at the front. Inside, there’s a mix of different floors like tiles, wood, carpets, and marble. 

Trevor Lawrence's New Jacksonville Mansion
Source: jaxdailyrecord

The windows are special too, they’re double-paned, which helps to keep the house warm and quiet. Also, there are built-in shelves for books and several fireplaces made of bricks.

Trevor Lawrence’s House Features – Look inside!

You know what? Trevor Lawrence’s house is like a big reward for being an amazing NFL quarterback. It’s not just a place to live; it’s a sign of how successful he is. This house is super fancy and stylish, with cool designs and features that show off Trevor’s taste.

But guess what? Trevor Lawrence’s house isn’t just about looking nice. It gives us a peek into his personal life, showing us what he enjoys and how he lives. It’s like a glimpse into Trevor’s world outside of football.

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Exploring Trevor’s Awesome House – Check It Out!

Let’s take a look inside Trevor’s house! It’s located in Jacksonville, Florida, and it’s really impressive. The design is modern and cool, and it’s in a great spot, with nice views and lots of privacy.

Once you step inside, everything feels super luxurious. From the big entrance to the cozy living spaces – Trevor’s house is all about being comfy and stylish. Imagine having a kitchen that’s perfect for cooking or a master bedroom that feels like your own spa – that’s what Trevor’s house is like!

And there’s more fun stuff inside too. Trevor’s house is all about having a good time. There’s a room for watching movies, a gym with all the equipment you need, and a pool outside that’s great for hanging out with friends or relaxing after playing football.

Trevor’s Favorite Spot – Waffle House!

Did you know? Trevor Lawrence really enjoys going to Waffle House! Yep, the football player likes this famous American restaurant. He’s been seen celebrating wins and getting something to eat after practice there.

In a video, Trevor is just ordering his favourite food at Waffle House, showing that even famous people like him enjoy eating at their favourite places. It’s become a regular part of Trevor’s life, and fans think it’s cool!

Trevor's Favorite Spot
Source: news4jax

Trevor Lawrence’s House Price Revealed – A Bargain For Luxury Living!

In a surprising turn of events, the listing price for Trevor Lawrence’s exquisite five-bedroom, 5.5-bathroom house, boasting 6,014 square feet of living space, has been unveiled at a mere $1.39 million. 

This stunning revelation showcases not only the allure of luxury living but also the exceptional value attached to this prestigious property.

With its spacious layout and lavish amenities, including a state-of-the-art kitchen, elegant master suite, and meticulously landscaped outdoor areas, Trevor Lawrence’s house stands as a beacon of opulence in Jacksonville, Florida. 

Despite its grandeur, this impressive residence offers a remarkable opportunity for discerning buyers to indulge in the ultimate blend of comfort and sophistication at an unparalleled price point.

Don’t miss your chance to make this dream home yours and experience the epitome of upscale living in the heart of Jacksonville.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What inspired Trevor Lawrence’s choice of Jacksonville for his new home?

 Trevor Lawrence’s move to Jacksonville likely stems from his professional commitment to the Jacksonville Jaguars, where he plays as a quarterback. Additionally, Florida’s warm climate and attractive lifestyle might have influenced his decision.

How does Trevor Lawrence’s house reflect his personality and lifestyle?

Trevor Lawrence’s house exudes luxury and sophistication, mirroring his success as an NFL quarterback. Its stylish design and upscale features showcase his taste and preferences, providing insight into his life beyond football.

How does Trevor Lawrence like to spend his leisure time at home?

When not on the football field, Trevor Lawrence enjoys unwinding at home. His mansion offers various amenities for relaxation and entertainment, such as a theatre room, a fully-equipped gym, and an outdoor pool area perfect for socializing.

Why does Trevor Lawrence have a fondness for Waffle House?

Trevor Lawrence’s affinity for Waffle House stems from his enjoyment of the restaurant’s food and its laid-back atmosphere. He’s often seen celebrating victories or grabbing a bite there, showcasing his down-to-earth personality despite his fame.


In short,

Trevor Lawrence’s house serves as a symbol of his achievements and offers a glimpse into his lifestyle outside of football. With its luxurious features and personalized touches, it reflects his taste and preferences, while his fondness for Waffle House highlights his down-to-earth nature.

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